5 most common excuses for not buying life insurance

I don’t think there are a lot of people who want to die. Yes there are some exception to this, but vast majority of us want to live a long healthy lives. Unfortunately life is short and we need to protect our family’s financial stability in the event of untimely death. Just the thought of death alone makes many people procrastinate about purchasing a life insurance coverage. There are numerous other reasons, but we will list five most common excuses for not purchasing life insurance.

1) I don’t need life insurance – If you are 100% sure that you don’t expect to die any time soon, then you don’t need life insurance. More than 50,000 people die in car accidents alone every year in USA alone. This is just car accidents only. A lot more people die from causes related to work, alcohol, tobacco and diseases. So no matter how healthy or safe you may be, there are numerous other factors that would be the cause of your untimely death. And so everyone needs life insurance as it protects your children and spouse financially when you die. Have you ever wondered as to what would your family do if your income disappeared overnight? It would be tremendous financial hardship. Life insurance softens the blow as your life insurance benefit can help cover the cost of mortgage, your children’s education and other expenses like your funeral cost.

2) I don’t have time to purchase it – You can get a free, no-obligation life insurance quotes online within minutes. No need to call up dozens of different life insurance companies or agents to get the cheapest rate. Compare rates and get the coverage that meets your family’s need and budget.

3) It’s too complicated – Being able to find cheap life insurance rates online is quite simple actually. Just answer a couple of questions and you will be on your way to getting your family secured financially with life insurance coverage.

4) I don’t want to get a medical exam – Many people avoid physical exams for personal or religious reasons. Either they don’t have the time or the money to pay their doctor. Whatever the reason may be, you simply don’t need to have a physical exam in order to find term life insurance coverage. This is called no medical life insurance.

5) I can’t afford it – This is perhaps the most common excuse but it is the lamest. For as little as $15 per month, you can get couple of hundred thousand dollars of term life insurance coverage.

So instead of making excuses, find cheap term life insurance coverage to protect your family. It is very quick and easy, yet very affordable.
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