How Temporary Health Insurance Works

Health is an important matter, that’s why besides doing all efforts to keep yourself healthy, you should also think about a proper healthcare plan in case you got sick. If you’re currently employed, this shouldn’t be a big problem because you will get a health insurance from the company where you work, but what if you’re currently in between jobs? Illness could come anytime and medication is not cheap these days. However with no salary, paying for monthly insurance premium could also be a burden.

In this case, it’s best for you to get a temporary health insurance. This type of health insurance commonly can give a health coverage of no less than a month and no more than six months. The application process is pretty much the same as a regular type of health insurance, you have to go through a screening process before you can achieve your policy. However, usually the process is much quicker than a regular health insurance considering the time frame of your insurance coverage is really short. Many health insurance companies even can offer next day approval as long as you can provide all the requirements quick enough. Just as a regular health insurance policy, you can use it to give coverage for yourself alone or together with your family members.

In case it’s already certain that you will get a new job within the next few weeks, then it’s better to wait until you can get a group health insurance under your new company’s policy. However, if it’s still uncertain or you know you will get a new job but it’s still in another 3 months or so, then this kind of coverage will be very suitable. Temporary health insurance coverage also won’t be suitable if you are self employed, because obviously you will need insurance coverage in long-term.

The best thing about temporary health insurance is that you can get a health insurance coverage without a long time commitment. This will enable you to have a healthcare plan when you’re in between jobs or when you’re currently self-employed but planning to get a new job. Shop around and explore your options, compare the prices so you can get the most affordable temporary health insurance.
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